.::Plastic Surgery, and Laura Bush & Teresa Heinz Kerry::.

As I read through October 2004’s GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) magazine, I found few things that I would like to post here…

First, let me ask you a question: Would you have a plastic surgery?

Would I have a plastic surgery? I don’t think. What for? I would not expose something that is not real. Needless to say, I am already handsome.

I know more and more people are relying on looks; how beautiful they want to be. They don’t want any wrinkles. They don’t want sagging breasts. However, should we grow be old and look so natural? If we can get old and look young, that is wonderful. I know there are many ways that we can keep ourselves look young at an elder age without plastic surgeries or botox.

Lately, plastic surgery has become a major TV draw, such as Nip/Tuck, The Swan, The Extreme Makeover, and MTV’s I want a famous face. I have seen The Swan twice. It is interesting. Yes, some woman need the surgery, but not all. I have seen Nip/Tuck series, too. It is interesting to see what they think why they need plastic surgery.

I know a few famous people did have plastic surgery. For example, Michael Jackson. It is obivous. He was handsome when he was very young. I did not think he needed a plastic surgery. I didn’t see anything wrong with him. He had a nice face feature. After plastic surgeries, he looks terrible, not so like him! I don’t know what he is thinking! I understand he wants to be like other Jacksons in the family with nose work. However, he can be still handsome if he didn’t have that surgery!

Some people do need plastic surgery, but all people do not need it.

Now on GQ magazine: one article talked about Botox Nation; it is written by Robert Moritz on the Reshaping of American Men. It is interesting to discover parts of this nation where they do plastic surgeries on body parts, for example:

The West
Hollywood and Vain.
“The West leads the country in breast implants. The number of Botox injections in the region for 40 percent of the nation’s face-freezing procedures.”

The MidWest
Thigh Masters
“The Midwest has the most thigh and buttock lifts in the nation.”

The South
All Ears
“The South leads in ear surgeries, cheek implants, and cellulite treatments.”

The East
Hair Supply
“The East Coast has a thing about hair. More transplants are done here than in any other region (13,000 last year). It is also the most popular area for male breast reduction, lower body lifts, chemical peels, and collagen infections.”

Finally, would it be fun to see both fight like this?

Laura Bush as Old Faithful and
Teresa Heinz Kerry as Wild Card

Looks like Heinz is having fun;
the way she is laughing,
while Bush is scared,
and do not know what to do.