.::Freedom Tower VS Twin Towers II::.

Designers say the world’s tallest building will include a wind farm, solar panels and advanced, energy-efficient technology, and will become an icon of environmentally friendly architecture. Mmm… NYC turns to be an environmentalist? We will see how it goes…

In fact, I am trying to set an image of NYC’s Freedom Tower what would it look like… I was like mmm… is it a good image for NYC? From what I see: NYC has a lot of traditional buildings, none like this new tower… So I don’t know.

Also you can click here to view what will be inside Freedom Tower.

Trump has spoken about his ideas for World Trade Towers:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
1475-feet tall, more than 100 feet hight than their previous towers.
The new North Tower would also boast a 389-foot communication mast.

Trump described Freedom Tower as an “empty skeleton.” “If we rebuild the World Trade Center in the form of a skeleton, terrorists win,” he told the reporter. He said the new towers will be bigger, stronger, and better and it sets the right tone and the right attitude.

What do you think of both? Which one would you choose?